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  • So you like Risk?
    “To be regarded as one of the best of its kind”
    That is a quite the mantle to carry “best of its kind”, the road to being declared a classic is long and paved with many obstacles to be defined as such and is a great honor indeed. Does that mean however that it is truly one of the best?
    Not always. We tend to regard a classic in such high regard because of the endurance it has shown over...
  • Meet new people, make new friends, play some games!
    Open Board Gaming
    TL;DR: Have fun at The Loft on Wednesdays even if you come by yourself.
    Say What Now?
    Don’t have enough friends who like board games? Don't have any friends who like board games? Just plain old don't have any friends?! Great news, show up at the Loft on Wednesday nights after 6:00 pm and meet new people who share a passion for enjoying food, drink, and good company; Or bring your friends and have them meet new people...
  • The Loft Board Game Lounge: Update and Things to Come
    Things to do in Ottawa
    After an extremely busy last three months capped off by a very busy grand opening weekend, The Loft Board Game Lounge is finally up and running. Our grand opening started with a warm welcome from the Downtown Rideau BIA . The Downtown Rideau BIA delivered four custom board game themed flower arrangements that were nothing short of perfection! Monopoly, Chess/Jenga, Snakes and Ladders, and Poker themed floral arrangements decorated our lounge right from the moment we opened the doors. The...
  • What's going on at The Loft?
    The Loft Kitchen
    When are you guys opening?
    What's it look like inside?
    Why can't you give me an opening date yet?
    These are some of the questions we've heard many times over the past month and today we even had two swanky young gentlemen show up looking to enjoy themselves at The Loft. This had us thinking that maybe we're doing a not so great job of keeping everyone in the loop and we want to fix that right way. Thus, the...
  • Board Games: Not Just Child's Play!
    Board Games Ottawa
    With the uprising of board games as a popular hobby, we wanted to talk about some of the reasons we love board games beyond the fun of crushing your enemies and bragging rights. Board games are a great skill building tool that can be so much fun you don't even realize you're learning and growing. Below are some of the reasons we love board games and why everyone else should too:
    The Benefits of Board Games
    Anyone who...
    So you like beer and board games? Good, so do we. This friendship is off to a good start! 
    As your new best friends (yup we move fast), we want to make sure that when you come over to play with us, we have the beer you want! Help us make sure we have that beer available by filling out the poll on our website!
    Click Here to go to the poll.
    Do you really like some beer...
  • The answer to the question: Where are you located?!
    14 Waller Street | The Loft | Board Games
    We know, we know, we've kept you waiting long enough! We are thrilled to announce that the location of The Loft Board Game Lounge will be 14 Waller Street
    How do I get there?
    The Loft is than a 3 minute walk away from both the Mackenzie King  (Rideau Centre) and the Laurier (University of Ottawa) OC Transpo transit way stations. Anyone from any corner of the City of Ottawa can hop on the bus and quickly be playing their...
  • So who’s behind The Loft anyway? Introducing….
    Board Games Ottawa
    Co-owners Mike Hopkins & Alessandro Argentina
    So now you know the who, here’s a little bit of background about them & how they connected…
    Alessandro grew up playing classical board games like Checkers, Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble and Risk. Thanks to a cousin, he got bitten by the Settlers of Catan bug and the rest they say, is history. He loved this new style of board game that involved planning, trading, and especially, a little bit of manipulation! Always looking for...
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