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Basic Info:

  • Players: 2
  • Game Length: ~ 45 minutes learning / ~ 20 minutes experienced
  • Categories: Two-Player, Tile Placement, Grid Management

What it's about:

In Hive, players each control a rag-tag colony of bugs bent on eradicating the opposing colony’s queen. Each bug has its own skills and, under the leadership of their Queen, they seek to prove their colony superior.

How it's played:

Hive is played in alternating turns between two players. On each of their turns, players have the choice of moving one of their bugs on the hive according to that bug’s movement rules, or mobilizing a new bug to the hive according to the game’s placement restrictions. If a player is unable to do either of these two things than their turn is skipped and their opponent may take another turn. The most important rule of the game, the “one-hive rule,” states that under no circumstances may the “hive” (the collection of bugs already in play) ever be divided. Thus, an integral part of the game’s strategy revolves around maneuvering to trap enemy bugs within a contiguous hive.

Who may enjoy it:

Fans of classic one-vs-one abstract strategy games like Chess or Stratego will enjoy the intense head-to-head challenge and the interplay of the various bugs in hive, while players who perhaps do not like the static ruleset and board of Chess will enjoy the shifting and further abstracted playing space that is at the heart of Hive’s gameplay.

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