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Basic Info:

  • Players: 2-4
  • Game Length: ~1.5 hours learning / ~45 minutes experienced
  • Categories: Resource Management, Tableau Building, Minor Negotiation, Set Collection, Card Management.


What it's about:

In Monarch, each player takes on the role of one of four noble sisters vying to become the next queen of Minerva. Each sister will have to prove their worth by assembling a court worthy of the royal throne. Noble courts will have wise advisors, exotic fruits and animals, and powerful objects, while ignoble courts will be saturated by trivial guests and oafish councillors. The game offers beautifully illustrated cards and tiles that really help tie the entire experience together.


How it's played: 

Rulers are expected to care for the land and people over which they reign. Accordingly, players will need to take actions that will improve the kingdom, benefiting not only themselves, but their rival sisters as well. At the same time, players seek to optimize their courts as this is what will ultimately determine victory. Sisters may align their court along one of the four “paths” or suits of the game in order to unlock extra bonuses abilities. Alternatively players can attempt a more pure, point-based victory, attempting to acquire the most powerful card regardless of their path.


Who may enjoy it:

Fans of set-making and tableau-building games like Race for the Galaxy or deck builders like Star Realms will enjoy the streamlined approach to gameplay offered in Monarch. The semi-cooperative nature of the Queendom (specifically resource management) allows for mild inter-player negotiation. Monarch is well suited for new and veteran players looking for a light, slightly whimsical gaming experience while chatting with friends. 

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