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Mystic Vale

Mystic Vale

by Erin Biggs


Basic Info:

  • Players: 2-4
  • Game Length: ~45min
  • Catagories: Light Strategy, Deck Building, Card Crafting, Push Your Luck


What it’s about:

In Mystic Vale, players take on the role of druids in the Valley of Life. Each player represents a clan working to cleanse the land of a curse. But each clan wants to clean the land better than their opponents, I guess, since this is not a cooperative game. That part is murky, but the theme in this game is really secondary to the actual game play. This is not typically my preference in a game, but Mystic Vale is enough fun that I’m willing to overlook a slightly muddy theme.

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How it’s played:

In a typical deck builder, each player starts with the same deck and then has opportunity to buy cards to add to it, resulting is a unique deck for each player. In Mystic Vale, however, instead of adding cards to their deck, players add parts of cards - called “advancements” - to their base cards, enabling them to craft each card in their deck, rather than the deck itself. Players work to create efficient cards - and therefore an efficient deck - which they can then use to buy Vale Cards, the main source of victory points in the game.

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Who may enjoy it:

Anyone who loves deck builders and is looking for something a bit different. Or anyone who likes testing how disparate elements will work together.

I would recommend playing a more standard deck builder first, such as Dominion or Star Realms, as the different currencies for advancements and vale cards could prove confusing to new gamers. That said, I’ve played this with people who have never played a deck builder and they loved it, so that’s not essential.

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