The Loft Board Game Lounge: Update and Things to Come

After an extremely busy last three months capped off by a very busy grand opening weekend, The Loft Board Game Lounge is finally up and running. Our grand opening started with a warm welcome from the Downtown Rideau BIA. The Downtown Rideau BIA delivered four custom board game themed flower arrangements that were nothing short of perfection! Monopoly, Chess/Jenga, Snakes and Ladders, and Poker themed floral arrangements decorated our lounge right from the moment we opened the doors. The welcomed feeling we received from our neighbours made our get off to a great start! In the midafternoon, while the lounge started to slowly have its tables populated with excited faces, City of Ottawa Councillor Mathieu Fleury stopped by to welcome The Loft to the neighbourhood. With him he brought a plaque from the City Of Ottawa councilors and Mayor Jim Watson welcoming The Loft Board Game Lounge to the city. As the work day ended the excited faces rolled in more quickly. Coffee based products were hot ticket items as patrons were eager to ramp up the donations to The Daron Fund at The Royal! After a great night of eating, drinking, and most of all playing, the grand opening came to an end at midnight. Smiling faces headed out with the promise to spread the word and to come back soon! After tallying our stay and play fees and coffee product sales, The Loft Board Game Lounge will be donating $500 to the Daron Fund at The Royal. The opening weekend was a success!
We must take a moment to convey our deepest gratitude to everyone who helped make this a reality.  We’ve been exceptionally fortunate to have the support from friends and family from conception to grand opening. Everything from help writing our business plan, to setting up our accounting, to painting, to assembling furniture, to organizing games, and right down to just the kind words along the way to keep us going; Mike and Alessandro are forever grateful for all the help.
Now that the lounge is open, Mike and Alessandro plan to focus on how to make it better! This can include, but not limited to, tournament nights, open gaming, refining the menu, increasing the availability of different types of alcohol, hosting corporate parties, increasing our seating capacity, and memberships for regular customers. We can’t say when exactly these things will be implemented, but they are on our short term list of things to do! We hope everyone has enjoyed the journey as much as we have enjoyed it, and we can’t wait to continue forward providing the people of Ottawa a great place to hang out and have fun! 
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