Eat. Drink. Play!

The Loft Board Game Lounge is a place where friends can go to have fun together. When we say fun, we mean lots of fun. Like, 10lbs of fun in a 5lb bag. But more fun than that. You come in, we sit you at one of our specialty board game tables. Then, we get you started with some drinks. Craft beer, lattes, wine, soft drinks – yeah, we got that. We set you up with a great game for you to have fun with, based on what games you told us you like or whatever game you already know you want to try - we have over 800 to choose from. Hungry? Not for long - we got you covered. Flatbreads, sandwhiches, soups, salad, and desserts, you’re golden. At the end of your stay a $5.50 'Stay and Play' charge will be added to your bill.

We also have a great selection of board games for sale. If you play a game that you really enjoyed, chances are we have it for sale so you can bring it home with you the same night. Or, if you've heard great things about a particular game but didn't want to put the money out to buy it just in case you didn't like it, we provide the perfect opportunity to try before you buy. We're always open to suggestions for new games to stock so please pass your request on to any of our staff.