New Games

Below is our list of newest games. They can be found under column 'N'of our board game wall. Over time, the good games will be moved into their respective categories and the less popular games will be moved to the archives.

As these games are new our Gurus may not know them, but they will be more than happy to help figure them out at your table if they can.

Name Category
Arkham Horror: The Card Game Co-op
Blue Lagoon Light Strategy
Boss Monster: Rise of the Mini Boss Light Strategy
Braintopia: Kids Family
Custom Heroes Light Strategy
Deathnote: The Confrontation Two Player
Decrypto Light Strategy
Fluxx: Star Trek Light Strategy
Fluxx: Star Trek the Next Generation Light Strategy
Founders of Gloomhaven Strategy
Fruit Ninja: Combo Party Light Strategy
Hostage Negotiator Solo Game
iKnow: International Trivia
Kitchen Rush Light Strategy
Let's Face It Party
Maki Stack Dexterity
Menara Dexterity
My Little Scythe Family
Nyctophobia Co-op
Pantone Party
Paper Tales Light Strategy
Pictomania (Second Edition) Party
Purrlock Holmes Co-op
Rick and Morty: Total Rickall Theme
Root Strategy
Scarabya Light Strategy
SteamRollers Strategy
Stumblewood Light Strategy
The Climbers Light Strategy
Three Kingdome Redux Strategy
Through the Ages Stretegy 
Tower of Madness Light Strategy
Vast: The Crystal Caverns Strategy